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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to Stop Staring at a Girl's Boobs

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Have you ever been in class, or perhaps at a party and out of the corner of your eye you notice a beautiful girl with large boobs? You gather up your courage to go talk to her but you can't keep your eyes off her boobs, what do you do WHAT DO YOU DO! Calm down this will help you to get your eyes off the prize. Impress a girl blogspot series will explain you various tips and tricks to be followed.


1. Make eye contact with her when you talk to her. It's polite, and most likely her face will have some attractive feature.

2. You can also talk about her shoes, earrings, and so forth, but not too much, or she might think you're gay. This will really impress a girl

3. Talk to her about anything—movies, school, current events, anything that at least partially distracts you from her boobs.

4. You might get an erection from looking too long. So don't stare. Look at her face. Look deep into her eyes. (this doesn't mean look at another girl's boobs). If you look at another girl then girl will not get impression but expressed.

5. If you are sure she isn't looking take a quick glance at them to relieve yourself but don't forget to look away, they can be hypnotic.

6. Don't daydream about them, especially if you are in class. The teacher may call you out on it.


• Make a vow to only stare at them a few minutes a day. And then lower the amount of minutes each day.

• The truth is, girls want to know that they're sexy, and that their bodies are being appreciated. No girl wants to feel like no ones attracted to them, but don't be a pervert and freak them out.Impressing a girl really need patience time and tricks

• Try getting your girlfriend to buy the girl your looking at a minimizer bra.


• Don't look off into space while talking to her if you are that afraid of looking at her boobs. Try to practice looking them in their eyes while talking to them. Then before you know it you'll be fine.

• If you find it hard to look at her eyes stare at the space between them.

Impress a girl series will continue with different tips for men and women to know there partners.Impress girl series will also tell you how to start of the date and how to behave dress and many more things please continue reading.

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